I know that this world needs a lot of changes, and the change of heart will have to precede the change of mind to outlaw war and any instrumentality to settle any disputes.

Benjamin Ferencz

Lawyer and Prosecutor in the Einsatzgruppen Trial

What is the legacy of Nuremberg? Many concepts that we take for granted today are associated with the Nuremberg Trials: the development of human rights, respect for the rule of law, or the fairness of trials. Contemporary witnesses, politicians and experts look back to the historic event in 1945 and talk about their personal interpretation of the Nuremberg Trials.

We cannot undo the suffering of the past and the horrors of history, but we have a joint responsibility not to repeat them.

Fatou Bensouda

Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

This anniversary allows us to reflect on our history. But it also holds a mirror to the lessons we’ve learned and the progress we’ve made.

Dominic Raab

Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs

Let’s continue to learn the lessons of history and of Courtroom 600.

Mike Pompeo

United States Secretary of State

These trials were indispensable because it was essential to publicly document the Nazi crimes and to confront them with the demands of law and justice, whose absolute, methodical and radical negation they represented.

Jean-Yves Le Drian

Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs

The history of the Nuremberg trials, the largest political and legal achievement of that period, is unique.

Sergej J. Netschajew

Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Federal Republic of Germany

I believe in laws.

Ernest "Ernie" Lorch

Contemporary Witness of the Nuremberg Trials and former Member of the US Army

If history’s darkest chapters are erased, their hard won lessons will be lost.

Elizabeth Silkes

Executive Director, International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

In a world of modern international criminal justice, all roads lead to Nuremberg and all roads lead to Courtroom 600.

Philippe Sands

Scientist and Author

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