A Student Project on the 75th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials

How relevant are the Nuremberg Trials 75 years after their opening today? What do they mean to me personally?

Ten students of the Scharrer Middle School in Nuremberg concentrated on these and other questions.

"I want to say that many people died during the war and that we should respect other humans that there won’t be another war."

Marcel Rychlik, 7c


The students attended a series of seminars and visited the historic Court Room 600 to learn more and explore the questions at a deeper level. Afterwards, they reflected on what topics affected them the most. The students then got to work, translating their experiences into rough drafts and drawings until they completed their vision for the graffiti murals.

Copyright: Memorium Nuremberg Trials 

"My message is it is very important to me, that there is justice. There should continue to be justice. For us and for our future."

Martina Aisosa Osabuohien, 9a

The project has thematic and artistic aspects. The students learned basic spraying techniques and in teams of two, they could spray their personal interpretation of the Nuremberg Trials onto canvases. Carlos Lorente, from the Graffiti Academy "Style Scouts" accompanied and supported this process.

The group agreed on creating a series of graffiti. On five canvases, they show the, according to their opinion, most important aspects of the Nuremberg trials: The crimes during National Socialism, the war crimes during World War II, the cooperation of the Allied Powers to create peace, the over-all aim of justice and Court Room 600.

Group picture with everyone involved
First attempts...
There is still a lot to be done
Ready to spray
Almost finished
The result
Here we go
Not finished yet
Morning briefing on the second day
Spraying is fun
Concentrated at work
Tips from the professional
Not only canvases are sprayed on
Its a lot to do
The picture "Court Room 600" in front of Court Room 600
The drafts are transmitted with a projector
Short break
After the work is done
All done

Copyright: Memorium Nuremberg Trials, Olga Henich

The artwork can be seen in autumn 2021 at the Cube 600. The Cube 600, a former car workshop opposite the Memorium Nuremberg Trials, features temporary and travelling exhibitions in the future.

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Adress: Fürther Straße 104, 90429 Nürnberg

Opening hours: Due to the current closing period of the Memorium, it is not yet possible to predict when the exhibition will be opened.

Free entrance.


The Sparkasse Nürnberg promotes the project.

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